PureSurface+® is a unique disinfectant designed specifically for the current times. PureSurface+® comes with InviShield® technology, that creates a longlasting invisible layer of protection once applied to surfaces. The InviShield® remains active & continues to kill all pathogens (including COVID-19) for up to 200 Touches or 7 Days.


Step 1. Spray PureSurface+® onto desired surface. Wipe to clean and remove any contamination.

Step 2. Spray again this time applying slight excess of PureSurface+®.

Step 3. Spread the liquid using any non-absorbent cloth, ensuring the liquid fully covers the surface.

Step 4. Preferably, the liquid could be dabbed instead of spraying it.

Step 5. Leave the surface to dry. (Drying time may vary depending on environmental conditions). The Invishield® is formed once the surface area is dry to touch.

If desired, Shine a UV light to confirm that coating is uniformly applied, ensuring InviShield® fully protects the surface. Reapply when the UV trace is no longer detectable. UV trace may be hard to detect on certain UV absorbant surfaces. However the InviShield® will still be active. If required, the InviShield® can be removed at any time by wiping the surface with alcohol.

Not to be used for disinfection of medical instruments. Use undiluted. Do not mix with detergents or other chemicals. Do not use on polished, waxed or lacquered surfaces. Confirm compatibility on a small test area first before applying. Suitable for domestic & commercial use. Suitable for all natural & synthetic surfaces (wood, metal, glass, tiles, soft furnishings, textiles, etc).