Frequently Asked Questions

Is there special training required to use the product?

No, you do not need special training to use the product. One of the key features of the product is the InviShield® that actively protects between cleans. In order for that to be active, upon application, you must remember to spread, not wipe. Further detailed instructions can be found on the product label.

Is it safe to use around pets & babies?

Yes, it is safe to your around pets and babies. For further information, refer to the product label.

How does it kill Covid-19?

Coronavirus is made up of two layers – the lipid cover that protects the RNA inside. Upon contact, the InviShield® dissolves the outer lipid layer and reacts with the RNA structure and destroys it.

Can I spray it on myself to protect from Covid-19?

No. Our product is meant to be used only on inanimate surfaces. It is not meant to be used directly on humans or animals. Do not apply directly on the skin as it may cause rashes or allergies in rare cases. While using the product, be sure to follow the instructions given on the label.

What surfaces can I use it on?

PureSurface+® can be used on all surfaces. Not to be used for disinfection of medical instruments. Use undiluted. Do not mix with detergents or other chemicals. Do not use on polished, waxed or lacquered surfaces. Confirm compatibility on a small test area first before applying. Suitable for domestic & commercial use. Suitable for all natural & synthetic surfaces (wood, metal, glass, tiles, soft furnishings, textiles, etc). 

Does it kill Coronavirus?

Yes. Independent lab studies have proven that PureSurface+® can kill Coronavirus & variants. For more details visit the Tests & Approvals page.

How can I test the product is protecting me?

Once applied as directed, you can use a UV light to to confirm that coating is uniformly applied, ensuring InviShield® fully protects the surface. Reapply when the UV trace is no longer detectable. UV trace may be hard to detect on certain UV absorbant surfaces. However the InviShield® will still be active. If required, the InviShield® can be removed at any time by wiping the surface with alcohol.

Can I use it on soft furnishings and clothes and textiles?

Yes, of course, PureSurface+® can be used on ALL SURFACES. The UV trace may not be clearly visible when applied on soft furnishings, however the InviShield® still remains active and protects you for up to 200 touches or 7 days. We also recommended NOT to use it on wearable textiles/ clothing that come in direct contact with your skin.

Do we have to use other disinfectants with this product?

If used as directed, you do not require any additional surface disinfectants. PureSurface+® is a wide-range biocidal disifectant. It is virucidal, bactericidal, sporicidal & fungicidal. The product also kills MDRO (Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms) or “Superbugs” that have developed resistance to other common disinfectants. For more information, visit our tests & approvals page.

Is it safe to use in food processing areas?

Yes, it is safe to be used in food processing facilities. However, the product is not designed to be used on/in human consumables. Please follow the instructions given on the product label.

Do I need to wear a mask if the area is disinfected?

Follow your local guidelines. The InviShield® actively protects and destroys coronavirus upon contact with its surface. However, it cannot protect you against air-borne transmission.

How often should I use this product?

The InviShield® actively protects for up to 7 days or 200 touches. Our product has been validated to last over 30 days if the treated area is untouched or not frequented by anyone. If it’s applied on an area of low, medium or high frequency of “touches”,  we recommend you to use the UV validation tool and reapply only on areas that have lost the InviShield® protection.

How long does the affect last?

Once applied as directed, PureSurface+® forms the InviShield® (An invisible layer of protection) that lasts for up to 200 touches or 7 days.

Is the product ready to use or does it need diluting?

The products currently available are in the ready-to-use format.

Will it stain my surfaces?

No, it will not. There is a pigment which might leave a residue but can be easily brushed off or wiped off with water/ alcohol.

Will the UV trace come off onto my hands?

Yes, depending on conditions and the amount applied, you might see a visible trace upon touching the surfaces treated with PureSurface+®. It  is normal for this to occur.

Can it be used in cleaning machines for floors?

Depends on the floor-type. Can be used on textured floors, but not recommended to be used on smooth floors. In general we do not recommend using the product on floors, as it is designed for use on high-touch areas like desks, tables, counter tops, buttons, door knobs, etc.

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